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Shipping & Returns

Find Your Movie Codes

If you are trying to locate your movie codes you can click here to enter your email address and order number and your codes will be displayed.  https://ultracloudhd.fetchapp.com/orders 

Returns Policy

Due to the nature of the products we sell, no returns are accepted without providing detailed information regarding the redemption process.  If you need to return an item, please Contact Us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond quickly with instructions for how to verify your return.

Redemption Policy

You are purchasing the right to redeem a code one time only in the format you purchased.  Orders are tracked and you may be asked to you pay extra if you redeem a code more than once.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Instant Delivery Notice

Please be aware that code delivery is a completely automated system, but there may be minor delays with the system being busy or other internet activity related issues that could cause a minor delay.  Rest assured your codes are in process and an automated email will be generated usually in less that 5 minutes.  If an automated email is not received, please check your spam folder.  If for some reason there is no code attached or your redemption link is not working, please feel free to email technical assistance at sales@ultracloudhd.com and someone will be in touch as soon as possible to assist.  Thank you for your patience.

Disney Codes

UltraCloudHD WILL NOT sell codes that are split under any circumstance.  This is a practice being used by some sellers that could potentially have risks associated with splitting the codes.  You may notice certain disclaimers from other sellers that suggest it is possible that your movies could disappear from your DMA library or even worse, your DMA account could be closed and potentially you could lose all your Disney movies.  

UltraCloudHD WILL NOT ever sell split codes and put you as a customer at risk.  Other sellers may offer lower prices by selling the same code twice, but if this puts you as a customer at risk in any way, UltraCloudHD will cost a little more for your Disney codes but we 100% guarantee they are FULL DISNEY CODES and we WILL NOT put you at risk by redeeming the codes you purchase from our website!  Thank you.   


All product codes are shipped via email with instructions for redemption.