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Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 1 - Vudu HD (Digital Code)

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    Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Vudu HD (Digital Code)

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    Mortal Kombat Legacy 2011 HD Trailer 07:49

    Watch if free here: Review on Lets get to the point! Mortal Kombat since the beginning of its time had the blood and gore that the fans desired which of coarse the content of the game was granted. The next 3 years it was 1995, Mortal Kombat the movie! hits theatres with a smash box-office performance! I saw Mortal Kombat and was greatly amazed of the cool action fighting scenes I had viewed. The actors nailed their characters great! all of them I could say...something else I really was not mad about not seeing was the blood nor gore! it really didn't occur to me! but whatever the movie was still damn good! 1997, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation comes to theatres! okay lets say out of the two, this movie wasn't to smashing of a sequel! but it had some potential, but once again the first movie had the highest credits! then many years pass, more and more Mortal Kombat games come out with raging hardcore violence. Well the games are pretty much finished, well we do have a new game coming out for the PS3, X-Box 360 and other game consoles. Other then that it looks pretty decent! Now I saw a scene clip out of the new movie Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, and I must say I was overwhelmed with bloody gore content it had! This is what Mortal Kombat represents! This what Mortal Kombat needs to make the movie alive and well, and it looks like a reality in the urban city. Which features corruption, a dark atmosphere which shows how the movie takes place, and how the characters have a everyday struggle to fight for their lives, looking at the scene clip from my point of view! also featuring brutal fighting! a dark environment which really has a good representation of the movie, most likely this movie will have fatalities which the two previous movies didn't have. And maybe for once we can see death traps, something that the two previous films didn't have either, which I believe it can turn out to be a sick-twist to this film. If this film does ends up becoming a full-length movie, which I hope it does! we should see more of the bloody gore content the fans have been dying to see over the past decade in the Mortal Kombat film industry. And hopefully for once, this movie can redeem itself from the two previous films and can come to a great start and have something done right for the Mortal Kombat franchise.

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    1. Need more description 3 Star Review

      Posted by on Oct 9th 2019

      The description reads like a movie, but the title says season, suggestion it is shows. What am I buying here and is it real?